Our awards recognise that it is often the little things that make the biggest difference and encourage you to inspire others to make those small changes that have worked for you. Share with us what you have been doing to raise awareness, take action and measure your outcomes.


Our panel of expert judges will be assessing the efforts and contributions made by recruitment agencies to remove the barriers faced by disabled talent entering or progressing through the job market. Employers and their talent providers who lead and support best practice will also be assessed in dedicated award categories.


Once you’ve chosen the category you’d like to enter, make sure you gather as much evidence as possible and use it in your entry. The judges are looking for measurable evidence of actions, before and after comparators, SMART objectives or your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

  • Award Categories
  • 1. Getting Started

    This new category is to encourage all recruitment agencies to get started on their journey to disability confidence.  We want to hear about making a convincing case, asking the right questions or giving one person a great experience.  Small steps make a big difference so this category is open to all of you who are celebrating getting started and making progress.


    The judges are looking for:


    • Examples of how small things can make a big difference to removing barriers
    • The impact of the small step on the disability confidence of the individual, the organisation or the candidate experience
    • Evidence as to how it is intended to build on this small step/new experience 
  • 2. Employers Choice

    This award gives employers the opportunity to nominate a recruitment agency or partner, highlighting the contribution they have made, which has enabled the employer to become a more inclusive employer of disabled people. 


    The judges are looking for:

    • Evidence of barriers to the recruitment of disabled talent being removed by the third party
    • Evidence of an increased level of both attraction and recruitment of disabled talent as a result of the work undertaken
    • The sustainability of the actions
    • Evidence of impact on candidate experience 
  • 3. Agency choice

    This award recognises and promotes collaboration, giving recruitment agencies the opportunity to share the actions taken by an employer/client that in turn has achieved increased disability confidence for them and their talent providers.


    The judges are looking for:

    • Case study evidence of the employer leading by example
    • Evidence of the employer inspiring their recruitment partners to become disability confident
    • Evidence of how that employer’s actions have impacted on the disability confidence of their recruitment partners
    • Evidence of impact on the candidate experience 
  • 4. Individual Choice

    Disabled job seekers are invited to nominate the agency that has provided them with the most positive candidate experience. Recognising that actions speak louder than words.


     The judges are looking for:

    • Access to guidance and support throughout the process
    • The disability confidence and competence of the recruiter
    • The positive impact & outcome for the candidate
  • 5. Extending The Reach

    Opening your doors to the widest possible talent pool is a key component to finding the right person for the job. This award recognises excellence in candidate sourcing and is looking for organisations which have a proactive and inclusive candidate sourcing strategy to attract disabled talent.


    The judges are looking for:

    • Knowledge of the target market and how to reach them
    • A sustainable approach to candidate attraction
    • Evidence of increased numbers of disabled candidates declaring a disability or requesting reasonable adjustments
    • Evidence of impact on candidate experience 
  • 6. Reasonable Adjustments In Recruitment

    Making adjustments to all aspects of the recruitment process is not only the law, it is vital to the successful attraction and selection of disabled talent. This award recognises innovation in the provision of reasonable adjustments.


    The judges are looking for:

    • An environment of trust that encourages declaration
    • Competent and confident recruiters who can respond to requests
    • An effective and efficient delivery of adjustments during the recruitment process
    • Evidence of impact on candidate experience 
  • 7. Disability Confident

    Supporting the government’s Disability Confident campaign can be the first step to in fact becoming a disability confident organisation. This award recognises organisations who have supported the campaign with tangible action and can evidence the impact this has had on their organisation.


    The judges are looking for:

    • Evidence of how an organisation has supported supporting the Disability Confident campaign either through an event or initiative
    • Evidence of how this has promoted disability confidence within the organisation
    • Evidence of how the campaigns message has been promoted throughout supply chain and/or partner organisations
    • Evidence of impact on candidate experience
  • 8. Innovation In Assessment

    Many employers use formal assessment techniques as a routine part of the recruitment process. This award recognises how alternatives and adjustments to assessments are often so simple and yet have such an impact for disabled candidates.


    The judges are looking for:

    • Overall accessibility of the assessment process
    • Reasonable adjustment options and how they are communicated
    • Evidence of impact on candidate the experience
  • 9. Supply Chain Management

    This exciting new category is open to both employers managing their supply chain and recruiters managing their 2nd and 3rd tier supply chain. This award is looking at organisations setting the standard and measuring the success for their entire supply chain to actively attract and confidently recruit disabled talent and recognise the business case in doing so.


     The judges are looking for:


    • Evidence of a specific project/plan set to engage the entire talent supply chain to deliver measurable success in the attraction and recruitment of disabled talent
    • Statistical or case study evidence of how this has impacted the level of disability confidence within the supply chain
    • Where appropriate, evidence of influence beyond the first tier
    • Evidence of impact on the candidate experience
  • 10. Greatest Impact

    Entries are not required for this category which is to is to be voted for by the judging panel across all award submissions for 2016.  


    The judges are looking for:

    • A recruiter or employer of any size which has made the most significant impact in removing barriers and maximising opportunities for disabled talent within the context of the size and influence of their organisation
    • Disability confidence and competence
    • Evidence of impact on the candidate experience